Morning TNR: Meet Mochi!


Mochi is a black and white feral. He’s at least half a year old if not a year and a half — I’m bad at keeping track of these things. I think he may have been born in our garage. He has several siblings who live here, too, and probably other family members.


Mochi is brave and curious and sweet, interested in humans but scared of us. When I come to feed the ferals he and one of his brothers are the ones who may even walk toward me instead of running away or just watching from a safe distance. I used to watch them climb trees and play chase, though they do less of that now that they’re growing up.

I just trapped him and brought him to the wonderful people at SPCA of Tompkins County, who — for free! — are going to neuter him, give him shots, and if he has fleas, fix that too. Whoo hoo for Mochi! See you at 6pm, buddy.

Meet my neighbors, Rashida and Spike

Meet my neighbors, Rashida and Spike

Back in the fall, I posted about feral cats and how we can help them through the winter. Since then, so much has happened in our own yard, I wanted to post an update!

Ithaca Freeskool VIDEO: Trap, Neuter, Release with Kristin

Click to watch the Ithaca Freeskool Distance Learning video: Trap, Neuter, Release with Kristin

If you can help out with TNR in your community, please post a comment! Let’s make some connections. More activists are needed to help feral cats and adoptable kittens, before the winter comes and makes it even harder for them to survive.