Yoga Event to Benefit Ithaca Health Alliance, 6/21 9:30am

Join the Finger Lakes Yoga Alliance and yoga teachers from around the region in the annual 108 Sun Salutations event to welcome the Summer Solstice and support the Ithaca Health Alliance.

Students will be guided through the sun salutes by certified yoga teachers. The Sun Salutes will be followed by some cooling counter poses, and a long Sivasana (corpse pose).  Kids activities will organized during the Sun Salutes by Anna from Anna’s Movement Arts.



Should animal lovers eat Peeps?

Did you know that Easter Peeps are made out of boiled skin and other byproducts of the farming industry? Please find out where gelatin comes from if you’re supporting its production – it involves animals suffering and losing their lives.

Never fear, vegan Easter is sweet! You can get vegan marshmallows and easter candy. You can make Devilish Potatoes (via Mercy for Animals) instead of deviled eggs, dye and hunt for vegan eggs, or make a vegan Easter basket. Start some seedlings for a spring garden or plant a tree or flower bulbs.

Easter is supposed to be a celebration of renewal and new life, and is often celebrated in a very child-centered way. Rather than objectifying and exploiting rabbits, chickens, cows, pigs, and other animals, why not set an example for children that demonstrates our respect for others of all species, and for the earth that we all call home? In the words of William Blake, “For Everything that lives is holy, life delights in life.”

Raw, organic, vegan B&B in the works

Check this out! There’s a new vegan B&B project happening in Spencer, looking for business partners:

RAW, ORGANIC & VEGAN, SPRITUALLY BASED, GREEN ENERGY” BED AND BREAKFAST… including 2+ Acres of Farmland Certified USDA ORGANIC and a Certified Professional Kitchen. I am looking for a partner(s) to get this project off the ground. This is an opportunity to live in the country, have a healthy lifestyle, make a positive impact in the life of others and on the environment. Feel free to post a question or comment below, email me: michael@caspersfarm.com or call: 607-257-5349 and ask for Michael.

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