VIDEO: I have a confession

Want to see a vegan cry? Here you go. This is the first time I’ve ever made a video like this. Yesterday I did something I deeply regret; this is me repenting. I’ve never been this honest and open before, about how I feel about animals, so it’s a little scary, but I think it’s something I have to do to be true to myself and my ideals.

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Stand up for our deer neighbors on March 14th

This just in from Cayuga Deer:

On Monday, March 14th at 7 PM (Marcham Hall, 836 Hanshaw Rd), we will all have another opportunity to tell the mayor and trustees why their deer-killing plan must be stopped. Join the growing numbers of informed citizens who are showing up and speaking out for the Ithaca we know and love. Don’t let this tragically misguided administration destroy the culture of non-violence our community has enjoyed for generations.


VIDEO: Cayuga Deer on TV

Cayuga Deer on the Headline News program “ISSUES with Jane Velez-Mitchell” can be watched here:
The video features beautiful photos of local deer, taken by Alexandra Giordano, and Cayuga Deer’s Compassion Parade at the Ithaca Festival.

Some ways that you can help follow. Thanks to Cayuga Deer for offering these suggestions so that the rest of us can support your good work!

Progress in the struggle to protect deer in Cayuga Heights

Cayuga Deer‘s latest update gave me a nice warm feeling inside – it’s beautiful that so many folks are speaking up for the deer in Cayuga Heights. Please read on for the news, and consider joining their mailing list or connecting with them on Twitter or Facebook so you too can hear about upcoming ways to help resolve this situation peacefully.

Cayuga Deer March for Compassion a success!

Here’s a jam-packed update from our friends at Read on for photos from Ithaca Festival, and ways that you can help protect the deer living in our region – including an important meeting on Monday night…