Broken Bruce

broken bruce the rescued catMy friend Kristin of Browncoat Cat Rescue is trying to raise funds to help get x-rays for a poor kitty named Broken Bruce. His story is so heartbreaking – I really hope that folks will donate to help get him the care he needs. If you can’t donate, please consider sharing this link with your contacts. Thank you!

Here’s his story:

Bruce was found with a severe upper respiratory infection that had caused him to lose the hair around his eyes. (This mask shape is what led to his name.) He has blossomed from a scared and sickly kitten into a wonderfully affectionate and outgoing little guy. While snuggling with his foster mom on the couch, he blissfully rolled over, and off onto the floor. This fall of roughly two feet cost him the use of the left side of his body. A physical exam at the vets led to a diagnosis of at least two hairline fractures. His doctor believes he could have either osteogenesis imperfecta, (the patient does not have normal bone formation leading to soft and fragile bones) or Vitamin D responsive rickets (even in patients with healthy diets, they develop rickets due to problem with calcium metabolism.)

We need to take radiographs of Bruce’s bones to get an idea about whether or not he has normal bone density. Pending the results of the radiographs, he may need further testing to evaluate for other conditions (such as calcium metabolism problems.)

The initial radiographs alone are estimated at $360-$560.

Bruce is currently confined to a small crate to keep him from further injury, but he rarely stirs from his cushion. Please help Bruce, so he can run and play again!

Click here to donate.

UPDATE: A few days after this was posted, poor Bruce passed away. However, his fund is still open; all funds go toward helping orphaned kittens.

VIDEO: I have a confession

Want to see a vegan cry? Here you go. This is the first time I’ve ever made a video like this. Yesterday I did something I deeply regret; this is me repenting. I’ve never been this honest and open before, about how I feel about animals, so it’s a little scary, but I think it’s something I have to do to be true to myself and my ideals.

Click here to watch and comment on the video. Thank you!

Help support a local vegan

Hey community, here’s a chance to show how compassionate vegans are: One of us needs some assistance, and this is your chance to help. Check out this donation page for Joe Fisher (made by another vegan), and pass it on.

“If you have much, give of your wealth; if you have little, give of your heart.”
– Arabian Proverb

“Eating” Movie Screening this Friday

The movie “Eating” will be showing at the First Unitarian Society of Ithaca this Friday, from 7 – 9 pm, as part of the Peter DeMott film series. It’s all Free! Child care, popcorn, and vegan (and some gluten-free) desserts. The movie is a powerful look at the biggest cause of disease, disabilities, and death in the U.S today. Knowledge is power. Come learn! Sponsored by the DOVE (Demonstrating Our Values Through Eating) Committee of the Social Justice Council of the First Unitarian Society of Ithaca.

Questions? Contact Amie at 272-1126 or via email at Please RSVP so we know how much food to make.

Blue Moon Botanicals: Vegan, organic body care products, made in the Finger Lakes

Our newest addition to the Vegan Ithaca directory is my friend and fellow vegan Joanie! She makes amazing organic vegan soaps, scrubs, balms, bath salts, and other body care products. Folks outside of Ithaca can buy Blue Moon Botanicals soaps online at Etsy… but to get the other stuff you have to come to Ithaca!

Here’s more about Joanie’s business, from her Etsy profile:

TONIGHT: The Witness with a discussion led by the filmmakers

Friday, May 20, 7:30 pm
First Unitarian Society of Ithaca – Arch Room

Peter DeMott Film Series & the Demonstrating Our Values through Eating (DOVE) Action Team of the Social Justice Council of the UU presents The Witness, with a discussion led by the filmmakers after the movie.

Watch the trailer here.