“We need to talk about Facebook”

Ithaca Freeskool class tonight:

Freeskool class on Tuesday, February 4th 6:00-8:00pm at TC Worker’s Center, 115 E. MLK st.
We Need to Talk About Facebook, do we not? Do you remember that science fiction distopia?… The one where social life is consolidated into an electronic data cloud owned by a powerful, military contracted corporation? For crying out loud, this sounds familiar! This discussion-based workshop gives Facebook a hard look and explores alternative platforms for community and sense of place.


Calling all vegans: Stand up and be counted!

One of my contacts on Facebook, M Butterflies Katz, started a thread where vegans from all over the world are posting their locations, to show folks how many of us there are, and how widespread veganism is. The numbers are really growing but we need more folks to share this with their contacts so we can reach more vegans! As of this moment there are 1,320 posts. Please check it out and pass it on: Tell us where you are in the world

This is really important for folks who don’t live in places like Ithaca – there are people in this thread who live in communities where they’re the only vegan. Imagine how lonely that must be! Let’s show some solidarity and pass this around so folks can see they are not alone.