Some vegan news and some news of vegans

I’m still caught up in the world of new parenthood, but I had to share these few things that have been sitting in my in-box. Hope you’re all having a beautiful spring!


Conference: “A Politics of Disability, Animal Liberation, and Queering”

dis-abled dog running with the help of wheels

Dear vegans of today: Thank you for being awesome. This is so incredibly far beyond anything that was happening when I was an 18-year-old baby vegan. How far we’ve all come!

1st Annual Conference “Engaging with Eco-ability”
Binghamton University, New York
April 27 and 28, 2013

A Politics of Disability, Animal Liberation, and Queering

The 1st Annual Conference “Engaging with Eco-ability” will be hosted at Binghamton University April 27th & 28th, 2013. The conference will be organized and moderated by Anthony Nocella II and JL Schatz. The goal of this conference is to lay the groundwork for an edited book that’s part of the Critical Animal Studies series published by Lexington Books.

Sponsors include Binghamton University English Department, Binghamton University, Institute for Critical Animal Studies, and Students for Critical Animal Studies.

More info / RSVP on Facebook.

Dave Thomas and Buzz Lightyear, reunited: An object lesson in animal personhood

This viral photo is the sad document of the moment when Dave realized he was going to lose Buzz. Click here for the heartwarming story of how these two friends were reunited with the help of a photographer named Maria Sanchez. More

No Kill Day

Today is No Kill Day, a day during which we ask each other to imagine a world where no healthy animals are killed simply because they don’t yet have an adoptive home. Click here to read the headlines on Google News – sounds like a lot of shelters who have pledged not to kill any animals today are having record adoptions. Via No Kill Nation on Facebook:

Some shelters are reporting that they’ve run out of animals. Some have done more adoptions today than they normally do in a week. And still others have reported staff being brought to tears as animals that normally would have been killed are leaving the shelter alive in the loving arms of their new families in record numbers.

Today I’m feeling very fortunate and grateful that we have a no-kill shelter here in Tompkins County: Tompkins County SPCA. And I’m feeling very fortunate and grateful for the love of Sid, Zora, and Snow, our three cat friends. We adopted them off the streets of Brooklyn, and my only regret is that we didn’t let them in sooner.

Photo: Politics, by Shira Evergreen