Animal Architecture

Check out this long post I finally got together about buildings and furniture made just for animals. Making this blog post was an educational experience for me! I just wanted to share some awesome photos of dovecotes and mason bee houses, but I ended up learning about goat playgrounds, toad houses, bird mansions, badger tunnels, and other things that are really adorable and amazing. Thank you humans for making so many cool structures just for animals! Click here to read the post.

This photo (by Joe Fisher) is of our friend Lea posing with a bat house at the Dacha in Freeville.


Stand up for our deer neighbors on March 14th

This just in from Cayuga Deer:

On Monday, March 14th at 7 PM (Marcham Hall, 836 Hanshaw Rd), we will all have another opportunity to tell the mayor and trustees why their deer-killing plan must be stopped. Join the growing numbers of informed citizens who are showing up and speaking out for the Ithaca we know and love. Don’t let this tragically misguided administration destroy the culture of non-violence our community has enjoyed for generations.


Valentines Day Anti-massacre wrap-up

An update from the defenders of the deer in Cayuga Heights:

Last week’s meeting lived up to its promise to be a “Valentines Day Anti-massacre”. Battling snow drifts and putting aside plans for a romantic evening, local residents came out and filled the Village Hall to beyond capacity, a large number of them offering passionate and well-reasoned opposition to the deer-killing plan that at times seemed to stun the trustees. This was particularly apparent when a blistering critique was read aloud, written by Michelle Poppensiek who resigned from the Village Clerk’s office after observing the indifference of the mayor and trustees to the community’s response to their controversial proposal…


Show your love for our community on Valentines Day – stand up for deer!

A Valentine’s Day message from Cayuga Deer:

Let’s stand together on Valentines Day to show our commitment to this community, and our love for the peaceful culture that has defined Ithaca for so many generations. Please join us tonight.

Monday, Feb. 14 at 7 PM, Village Hall, 836 Hanshaw Rd., Ithaca. (Map)

Click here for more info on why the deer-culling plan is not an effective way to ease human-deer conflict in Cayuga Heights.

Tell your deer-loving friends!

“Heights deer plan hearing draws a herd”

Heights deer plan hearing draws a herd by Rachel Stern for the Ithaca Journal:

Among possible techniques is catching deer in nets or livestock corrals, then killing them with a specialized device called a captive bolt gun applied to the animal’s head.

“This is an overreaction by people to control a small part of nature. The damage caused by deer is insignificant compared to storms. This is the most arrogant thing I have ever seen,” said [Ralph] Bishop, who has lived in the village for 37 years.

Read the rest…

VIDEO: Cayuga Deer on TV

Cayuga Deer on the Headline News program “ISSUES with Jane Velez-Mitchell” can be watched here:
The video features beautiful photos of local deer, taken by Alexandra Giordano, and Cayuga Deer’s Compassion Parade at the Ithaca Festival.

Some ways that you can help follow. Thanks to Cayuga Deer for offering these suggestions so that the rest of us can support your good work!

Cayuga Heights deer issue on national TV!

Tonight marks a watershed moment in the struggle to protect Cayuga Heights’ deer residents from their annual slaughter:

Tune into CNN’s Headline News on CNN’s sister network, HLN, tonight at 7 PM EST, when co-founder James LaVeck will be interviewed on “Issues with Jane Velez Mitchell”.

Our congratulations to the dedicated activists of! Thank you folks so much for your hard work on behalf of our deer neighbors.

If you haven’t yet signed the petition, please do it now – it only takes a moment.

Save our deer neighbors: Letters to the Editor

Cayuga Deer has been keeping track of statements given at hearings and letters sent to our local papers in support of deer – and against killing them in Cayuga Heights. If you too believe that killing sentient beings is no solution for traffic problems, lend your voice to the debate.

The Ithaca Journal – Send to: Editor, Ithaca Journal, 123 W. State St., Ithaca, NY 14850 or submit by email to David Kubissa (opinion page editor): Be sure to ask Mr. Kubissa to contact you for permission before changing anything you wrote for publication.

The Ithaca Times – Send to: Editor, Ithaca Times, 109 N. Cayuga St., Ithaca, NY 14850 or submit by email:

Progress in the struggle to protect deer in Cayuga Heights

Cayuga Deer‘s latest update gave me a nice warm feeling inside – it’s beautiful that so many folks are speaking up for the deer in Cayuga Heights. Please read on for the news, and consider joining their mailing list or connecting with them on Twitter or Facebook so you too can hear about upcoming ways to help resolve this situation peacefully.