Promote your vegan self!

Good morning Ithaca-area vegans: Here’s another reminder that if you’re not yet listed on the Find Ithaca Vegans page (or, if you have a food-related business, the Find Vegan Food page), you are very welcome to join us! Just leave a comment telling me who you are, and what your link is, and I’ll put you up there. It can be a blog, business, book, social group, portfolio, or any other website, as long as it’s animal-friendly and run by a local vegan.

These listings aren’t a commercial endeavor, they’re just a volunteer effort to promote Ithaca-area vegans, to help make us easier to find, so folks can patronize our businesses and read our blogs and so on.

Thanks to all of you awesome vegans out there, who make Ithaca such an animal-friendly (and delicious) place to live!


Help support a local vegan

Hey community, here’s a chance to show how compassionate vegans are: One of us needs some assistance, and this is your chance to help. Check out this donation page for Joe Fisher (made by another vegan), and pass it on.

“If you have much, give of your wealth; if you have little, give of your heart.”
– Arabian Proverb

Calling all vegans: Stand up and be counted!

One of my contacts on Facebook, M Butterflies Katz, started a thread where vegans from all over the world are posting their locations, to show folks how many of us there are, and how widespread veganism is. The numbers are really growing but we need more folks to share this with their contacts so we can reach more vegans! As of this moment there are 1,320 posts. Please check it out and pass it on: Tell us where you are in the world

This is really important for folks who don’t live in places like Ithaca – there are people in this thread who live in communities where they’re the only vegan. Imagine how lonely that must be! Let’s show some solidarity and pass this around so folks can see they are not alone.

“Eating” Movie Screening this Friday

The movie “Eating” will be showing at the First Unitarian Society of Ithaca this Friday, from 7 – 9 pm, as part of the Peter DeMott film series. It’s all Free! Child care, popcorn, and vegan (and some gluten-free) desserts. The movie is a powerful look at the biggest cause of disease, disabilities, and death in the U.S today. Knowledge is power. Come learn! Sponsored by the DOVE (Demonstrating Our Values Through Eating) Committee of the Social Justice Council of the First Unitarian Society of Ithaca.

Questions? Contact Amie at 272-1126 or via email at Please RSVP so we know how much food to make.

Promote yourself!

Locally-made Susies Seitan at Greenstar - photo by Aimee Dars Ellis

Locally-made Susie's Seitan at Greenstar. Photo: Aimee Dars Ellis

Are you vegan, even if you call it by a different name? Join our list of animal-friendly businesses, blogs, projects, organizations, and other vegan shenanigans in the Ithaca area. You’ll make yourself easier to find, and by helping make that list of vegan folks longer, you’re helping show visitors and new vegans how much this community loves animals.

If you make vegan food locally and want others to know about it, leave a comment on our Find Vegan Food! page with your link.

Sometimes I’m not sure if people want to be listed, so if you know me but you’re not listed yet and want to be, please do let me know. Thanks everybody!

Vegan Brunch Potluck – May 1st

Vegan Brunch Potluck, Sunday, May 1, 11 am: Please join Keith and Stephanie at their home for a potluck vegan brunch. Please leave out the animal-sourced foods such as honey, eggs, milk, butter, cheese, and flesh.

If you are new to veganism and don’t know what to make, or are not able to prepare food, please call Keith or Stephanie for suggestions about what to make or what you can purchase from the store (things like juice, but not prepared foods).

Please RSVP: or 607-330-1908.

Location: 403A Hector St, West Hill. Please save our shared driveway for drop off and pick up. Parking is legal across the street and on local side streets. Hopper Pl. is closed at one side so I’m not sure if you are allowed to park there.

Hope to see you then,
Keith & Stephanie

vegan housemates wanted for 14-acre communal living situation

This just in:

I am just starting to look for vegan housemates and was wondering if any of you know any that might be interested. The property is in Newfield on 34/96, 7 miles past Home Depot. The place is amazing on 14 acres, 20 4×8 garden beds, 2500 sqft house, 4 bed, and 2 bathroom. I am looking for people who are interested in gardening, trail building, permaculture, dinner parties, canning, livin a very green lifestyle, and etc. I plan on building another one bed apartment in the barn. There is already a commercial kitchen in it where my sister has her business and where I am going to start mine. There may be extra work available there also. I plan on building another structure for housing. More of an earth ship type style. Part of it is already in place. I have pics if anyone is interested. It’s going to be avail May 1st but it can seen sooner.

Email Sean for more information, at!

Stand up for our deer neighbors on March 14th

This just in from Cayuga Deer:

On Monday, March 14th at 7 PM (Marcham Hall, 836 Hanshaw Rd), we will all have another opportunity to tell the mayor and trustees why their deer-killing plan must be stopped. Join the growing numbers of informed citizens who are showing up and speaking out for the Ithaca we know and love. Don’t let this tragically misguided administration destroy the culture of non-violence our community has enjoyed for generations.