buy local

Help support local agriculture!

cayuga-pure-organicsIf you like me believe that eating local is an important part of being vegan, hopefully you’ve been buying Cayuga Pure Organics‘ locally-produced grains and beans. (We get them at Greenstar Cooperative Market, because we like to support coops whenever possible.)

Well, they had a fire, and now they need help rebuilding. If you believe in a resilient, vegan future for our region, please consider making a donation to their IndieGogo fundraising campaign! It ends on Friday, July 26th.


Promote your vegan self!

Good morning Ithaca-area vegans: Here’s another reminder that if you’re not yet listed on the Find Ithaca Vegans page (or, if you have a food-related business, the Find Vegan Food page), you are very welcome to join us! Just leave a comment telling me who you are, and what your link is, and I’ll put you up there. It can be a blog, business, book, social group, portfolio, or any other website, as long as it’s animal-friendly and run by a local vegan.

These listings aren’t a commercial endeavor, they’re just a volunteer effort to promote Ithaca-area vegans, to help make us easier to find, so folks can patronize our businesses and read our blogs and so on.

Thanks to all of you awesome vegans out there, who make Ithaca such an animal-friendly (and delicious) place to live!

Cat food poisoning alert: SophistaCat

We’ve just got an alert that the PetSmart brand of canned cat food, SophistaCat, has caused some serious problems for some cats. A product incident report has been filed but there is no product recall in effect yet. If you use SophistaCat brand, please watch your cats for lethargy and low appetite, and if they have any symptoms, bring them in to get their kidney function checked. Scary!

Incidentally, dear reader, I hope you’re buying food for your animal friends from a locally-owned and -operated business, to support your local economy. Also, ideally, we animal lovers should buy from establishments that don’t sell live animals, which supports the exploitative breeding industry. If you’re in the Ithaca area, Ithaca Grain & Pet Supply is a great choice.