Big changes: Welcome to the Eutopian

Hi! I changed everything, finally. I used to be at because I believe in free culture. But then there were ads, and I have hosting anyway, so I finally made the plunge and have turned this into a self-hosted WordPress. It’s been nice to finally get all of my social networking stuff nicely integrated – check out the stuff on the right to see what I post on Twitter and Tumblr and Pinterest if you usually only know me from Facebook. I’m much less filtered on these other sites.

You can learn more about the name change and the site’s focus here.

Thank you so much to anyone and everyone who reads this blog, particularly to those of you who have left comments and made other contributions over the years. I’m not very good at communicating in person but I’m always learning how to communicate better online, and I owe you all a huge debt of gratitude for your support, critiques, and inspiration. Please do call me on my privilege and tell me when I need to think harder. I apologize for any missteps I’ve already made and thank you for sticking with me as I become (hopefully) less ignorant. Peace!


Speaking for myself

I’m no longer calling this blog “Vegan Ithaca,” but rather, “Living a Vegan Life in Ithaca” – and it’s no longer going to attempt to catalog vegan goings-on in Ithaca. That is too big a task for me! I felt like I was representing the views of others, or that folks would think that I was trying to represent others. So now I’m only representing myself and my own views, on this site. For more about this, please click here.

I had a bit of a revelation in 2012 – namely, that I don’t have to speak for anyone else, and I don’t have to work toward anyone else’s goals. That’s a very liberating idea! I can really hold myself back when I’m worried about whether I’m stepping on someone else’s toes. So to that end, I made this change, and started a Tumblr. My hope is that this reframing will help me to feel more free in my advocacy, so I can be a better ally and a more effective activist. We’ll see how it goes.

Please feel free to click the follow button to your right (or the RSS link), so you’ll get updates. I really value feedback, so please do tell me what you think of this change, or of the Tumblr. Thanks for reading!