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Oswego Slaughterhouse Protests Continue

Just read this article from the Palladium-Times, Residents protest Bion proposal at Legislature meeting.

I don’t really know what to say about it, except that the use of the term “cattle finishing” is pretty 1984ish. Are they referring to a feedlot or to the slaughterhouse element, or both? Either way, it seems fake and gross to use this term in regard to the lives of sentient beings.

Thanks to the folks who are showing up at these meetings in protest. Please send a letter to your local legislators to ask that this project be denied, it sounds like a nightmare for the cows as well as an unsound business decision for the region.

If you’re interested in the role played by our economy, and capitalism generally, in the exploitation of animals, read Making A Killing: The Political Economy of Animal Rights by Bob Torres. Fantastic book!

Previously: Help stop the construction of a 42,000-cow slaughterhouse in Oswego County

Help stop the construction of a 42,000-cow slaughterhouse in Oswego County

A huge corporation called Bion wants to open up an industrial slaughterhouse operation that will be distributed across Oswego County. They’ve been holding meetings with local legislators to help stack the deck in their favor.

Join local animal rights advocates, vegans and vegetarians, and family farms in organizing against this industrial development. Call the Oswego County Legislators now to let them know their constituents are not in favor of the Bion Project.

Find your district and give your legislator a call – click here for numbers.

Also, consider attending the Oswego County Legislature meetings and making your voice heard. The next meeting for both Oswego County (2pm) and Schroeppel Town Board (7pm) is Thursday, August 12th. Click here for more info.

Photo: Cincinnati Freedom, a cow who escaped an Ohio slaughterhouse and lived out her remaining six years at Farm Sanctuary (they took the photo). Save cows, go vegan!