Here are some good videos on a variety of topics, from vegan baking to animal rights and the law.

Farm Sanctuary: Videos – Clips including animal rescues, sanctuary life, and a Forks Over Knives interview with Gene Baur.

Understanding the Psychology of Meat for Effective Vegan Advocacy – This incredibly useful video is well worth your time. Dr. Melanie Joy, social psychologist, professor and author of Why We Love Dogs, Eat Pigs, and Wear Cows and Strate­gic Action for Animals, talks about carnism as an ideology, and how vegans can best communicate with carnists. Good stuff!

Ithaca Freeskool Distance Learning – These videos aren’t all on vegan topics, but since they’re produced by my partner Shira, who’s vegan, they’re all animal-friendly. Yay! These ones are the only AR / vegan ones so far:

10 Tactics – Short videos to help activists communicate our messages more effectively. These aren’t specifically vegan-oriented, but animal advocates will find them of tremendous value.

Animal Rights: The Abolitionist Approach: Videos – Short videos by Professor Gary Francione, including Theory of Animal Rights, Animals as Property, Animal Rights vs. Animal Welfare, and Animal Law.

I’m Vegan – A documentary web series featuring interviews with vegans.

Feature-Length Films

  • Blackfish – watch this and then never pay to see a captive animal show ever again.
  • Forks Over Knives – I can’t tell you how many people have told me they or someone they know went vegan because of this movie.
  • Unser täglich Brot / Our Daily Bread – Observational documentary about food production.
  • Food, Inc. – Not a vegan film by any means, but an insightful critique of industrialized agriculture and a good introduction to food justice issues.
  • The Cove – Academy Award-winning documentary about massacres perpetrated on dolphins.
  • Year of the Dog – A sadly funny, sweet movie about a well-meaning woman’s first (disastrous) forays into animal rights activism. Watch it so you know what not to do as a new vegan.
  • Earthlings – This movie is full of extremely intense, violent footage that still haunts me today, years after I saw it. If you can stomach it, you’ll find graphic proof that animals can feel (for those who doubt it…), along with an incisive and moving argument against speciesism. Narrated, notably, by Joaquin Phoenix.
  • Babe – A heartwarming counterpoint to speciesism and other forms of oppression, for kids.
  • Charlotte’s Web – Meaningful ideas about animal activism and some life and death issues, for kids.

Check out Lights, Camera, Activism: Eat Delicious Food, Go to the Movies, and Change the World for Animals (Our Hen House) for tips on organizing a screening, and more film suggestions.