These books are a good start if you want to educate yourself about animal rights, veganism, and related issues.

One of my favorite songwriters, Devendra Banhart, sings: “Oh realize / It ain’t wise to idealize / Or put your life in the hands of any struggle / Never renounce / Or ever claim to be / And never buy that freedom just ain’t free now”. As I’ve walked this path toward liberation, I’ve found that this attitude has served me well.

Search for inspiration, not for heroes and idols – no one book holds all the answers, and no author is always right. Always read with an open mind, and make decisions for yourself. You have to take the good, leave the bad, and remember that just like you, these authors will always have more learning to do.

I’m only listing books I’ve actually read and think are worth reading, so if something fabulous is missing from this list, it’s not personal – I just haven’t gotten to it yet! Feel free to email me with your recommendations, at

Books Relating Animal Rights to Human Rights & Justice Movements

Practical Guides for Happy, Healthy Vegan Families

Philosophy of Animal Rights & Analysis of Speciesism

Books Written from Spiritual and Religious Perspectives

Helpful Perspective for Activists (Not About Veganism, But Useful to Vegans)

I also keep track of books on Goodreads. Here are some reading lists of note: