Hey artists, get some free money

Community Arts Partnership is awesome!

One of the Community Arts Partnership’s primary goals is to get funds into the hands of artists and arts organizations for programs and projects that will enrich Tompkins County’s already vibrant arts community.

The grants listed not only provide seed money for those programs, they also offer artists and organizations the opportunity to develop plans and budgets that will make their projects easier to replicate in the future.

Four Upcoming Grant Deadlines:


2015 Grants for Arts Programs (due October 6, 2014)
“GAP” is for arts and cultural events happening in Tompkins and open to the general public. Individuals or small organizations can apply with a not-for-profit sponsor.

2014 Artist in Community Grant (due October 14, 2014)
for Tompkins County artists who wish to create new work and involve a community in the creation of the work. Artists apply directly.

2015 Arts Education Grant (due November 13, 2014)
for artists and cultural organizations who would like to work in the schools teaching an art form that is tied into existing curriculum. Artists apply directly.

SOS Strategic Opportunity Stipend (due October 14, 2014)
For artists who need funds to take advantage of a career building opportunity.

All guidelines and applications
at http://artspartner.org/content/category/arts-grants.html